A favorite highlight of our ride days is Duck Store’s picnic lunches.   Our formula is to set up a table and chairs outside (weather permitting) and lay out a feast carefully designed and prepared to keep legs spinning, and appetites sated.  

We take a break, savor the ambiance, and enjoy a nice picnic in a the relaxed, French manner. These athlete friendly meals are carefully planned and prepared for maximum cycling performance!

Our team guides prepare the lunch daily, either before breakfast or the night before.  The menu is Pascal’s experience in nutrition and Sports Medicine, following principles: 

- Eat Fresh:  We choose the freshest, preferable local ingredients.  Salads are prepared daily.

- Fat free - easy to digest:  Since it is summer and often hot, we base the meals on a low fat salads that will not be too heavy or acidic on the stomach.

- Easy to eat:  Just a fork, no knife or cutting required.

- Not heavily temperature sensitive:  We go for ingredients like sheep’s milk and other foods that won’t spoil in the summer heat.

- Varity:   We plan starches different from the same day’s dinner, foods with a crunch and a snap - a tasty break from the monotony of energy bars and gels.


Favorite Picnic Menus:

A few DuckStore Classic salads (prepared daily). Selection might include favorites like:

   - Taboulé with tuna, artichoke hearts, green olives

   - Lentouille : Lentils with cooked vegetables and potatoes plus some ratatouille

   - Quinoa-spinach-feta olive oil

   - Pasta – ham & cheese cubes, green peas, cooked red peppers

Chips or salty crackers

A variety of local cheese

Fresh bread

Fresh Fruit

Dry sausage

Lite desert:  (Local cookies are a favorite and great rocket fuel). 

Hot soup (for cold days)